Managing tax matters along with regular routine business might seem difficult. Acquara is an expert tax consultant in India with a dynamic workforce that can help with numerous tax specialities, and incorporate them into your business as a strategic model. Our tax advisory and professionals combine international experience with local knowledge to provide viable tax strategies.

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How We Benefit Your Business

Tax Consultancy makes a corporate entity knowledgeable of the country’s tax rules. Tax professionals assist in the preparation of tax-related matters. They benefit your company by doing the following:

  • Lower your tax liability by staying up to date on the latest tax amendments
  • Assisting you in deciding which system is best for your business.
  • Analysing the tax advantages and disadvantages of your company’s activities
  • Implementing a metric-based evaluation to assess industry trends and its tax implications

Is Your Business Ready For Corporate Tax in India? Tax

India has long been known as a tax-free business location. This is bound to change with the declaration by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) that India will introduce a federal corporate tax (CT) for financial years beginning on or after June 1, 2023.

Acquara, as one of the best tax consultants in India with an experienced professional team, would be delighted to assist clients who are considering implementing a corporate tax structure service with:

Tax Planning | Computation & Return Filing | Compliance & Assessment
Litigation | Cross Border Tax Structuring | Transfer Pricing

Capabilities & Solutions

We address a variety of business needs and help organizations align their businesses in a more tax efficient manner.

Compliance & Assessments

Compliance & Assessments

  • Tax Agent Corporate Tax
  • Excise Customs & Value Added Tax
Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

  • All transactions need to be carried at an Arms Length (fair price).
Tax Structuring

Tax Structuring

  • Holding Structure
  • Cross-Border Tax
  • Merger & Acquisition Tax

Our Purpose

Trusted Transformation Together

Our professionals combine international experience with local knowledge to provide viable commercial tax strategies tailored to address clients' specific needs. We bring significant value to our clients by customising VAT tax services and strategies to fit different industry, legal and financial frameworks and help to minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities.



We Understand the current tax framework of your organization



We Optimize it with better tax planning & strategies



We automate the process to run smoothly and in cost effective way

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